Aaron Reed Photography – Top 10 of 2014

Living Lightning, a limited edition of 200 total pieces and the first piece released to my limited edition collection in early 2013, is growing closer to completely selling out each week after selling the 150Th piece earlier this month. The success of my limited edition collection and the large ChromaLuxe Metal prints that I offer has continued to grow in 2014. On behalf of myself and my family I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported my work throughout the years and especially those of you who have purchased pieces from my collection the past two years.

Capturing photographs that I enjoy personally is the easy part. Knowing which images will speak to collectors and art lovers around the world can sometimes be more challenging. In fact, interestingly enough, the images that I personally would call my favorites are often ones that have little interest or no interest at all to collectors and buyers. I listen to the shared stories from those who purchase my work and their reasons behind choosing a particular piece or pieces. These details give me great insight in the minds and hearts of my customers and this information is invaluable to me as an artist.

The images below are my top 10 best selling pieces of 2014. Please consider sharing these with friends and family and please feel free to comment below about the piece(s) that you enjoy most and why. I have just released a handful of new pieces and will be adding others to my limited edition collection over the next month. You can click on the images below and view them on 500px where you can also find some of my best work. Thank you again for all your support! To see my entire limited edition collection, as well as the rest of my work please have a look at my website at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com and have a great day!

1. Living Lightning – Portland Japanese Garden
Limited Edition of 200 total pieces, 75% SOLD OUT with less than 50 pieces remaining.

Living Lightning - Limited Edition of 200

2. Dragons Breath – Portland Japanese Garden
Limited Edition of 200 total pieces, Over 25% sold out with less than 140 pieces remaining.

Dragons Breath - Limited Edition of 200

3. Eternal Beauty – Mt Rainier National Park
Limited Edition of 50 total pieces, over 30% sold out with less than 33 pieces remaining.

Eternal Beauty - Limited Edition of 50

4. Echoes Of Fall – Leavenworth, Washington
Limited Edition of 100 total pieces, 20% sold out with less than 80 pieces remaining.

Echoes Of Fall

5. The Rise – Mt Shuksan, Washington
Limited Edition of 200 total pieces, 25% sold out with less than 150 pieces remaining.

The Rise Of Mt Shuksan - Limited Edition of 200

6. The Road to Nowhere – Oregon Coast
Limited Edition of 200 total pieces, 50% sold out with less than 100 pieces remaining.

The Road To Nowhere - Limited Edition of 200

7. Stepping Stones – Bench Lake, Mt Rainier National Park
Limited Edition of 100 total pieces, 25% sold out with less than 75 pieces remaining.

Stepping Stones - Limited Edition of 100

8. Poetry In Motion – Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
Limited Edition of 100 total pieces, 25% sold out with less than 75 pieces remaining.

Poetry In Motion - Limited Edition of 100

9. Zerenity – Portland Japanese Garden
Limited Edition of 200 total pieces, 25% sold out with less than 150 pieces remaining.

Zerenity - Limited Edition of 200

10. Kings – Glacier National Park
Limited Edition of 100 total pieces, 20% sold out with less than 80 pieces remaining.

Kings - Limited Edition of 100

Peter Lik’s Tree? No, it’s not.

The Tree.

Dragons Breath - Aaron Reed Photography

In the city of Portland, Oregon there is a world-famous Japanese Maple tree, located just inside the gates of the Portland Japanese Garden just waiting to capture your spirit and imagination. When you visit the garden and see this tree in person, or view beautiful photographs like the ones I share with you below, you may fantasize about the magic of this tree and the story of where it came from. It is difficult not to envision a small world of fairies or other mythical creatures creating homes here, built from the small ferns that surround it, scavenging the “forest” for mushrooms and other edibles. In reality, this glorious Japanese Maple that helps draw over a quarter million visitors each year to the garden, may have much more humble beginnings than you may think.

History of the Garden

In 1958, Portland became a sister city to Sapporo, Japan, helping to create a broad interest in Japanese culture. Soon after, several business leaders and the Mayor of Portland decided it would be wonderful for Portland to have a traditional Japanese Garden. On June 4th, 1962, the City Council created a commission to establish the garden on the site of the former Washington Park Zoo. The Japanese Garden Society of Oregon was formed in 1963 by Portland citizens interested in promoting a more intimate relationship between the Peoples of Japan and our city and state. Takuma Tono, a Tokyo Agricultural University professor and internationally recognized authority on Japanese landscape design, was commissioned to design and supervise the development of the garden and he began landscaping the garden that year. In the summer of 1967, the Portland Japanese Garden formally opened to the public. The 5.5-acre Japanese garden is composed of five separate gardens: Strolling Pond Garden, Tea Garden, Natural Garden, Flat Garden, and Sand and Stone Garden.

Back to the Tree

Firebird - Aaron Reed Photography

This beautiful Japanese Maple tree that so many have grown to love, was not an original planting in the garden. No one is 100% sure of exactly when it was planted, or where it came from. Speaking to Adam Hart, Senior Gardener of the garden, after looking through historical photographs, I was told that this laceleaf maple was most likely planted sometime around 1971 and is between 65-70 years old. According to Mr. Hart, the tree was not very impressive when it was first planted, so there aren’t many photographs of it from those early days and the photographs he could find showed a fairly small and unspectacular specimen. The origin of the tree is also a mystery, but many of the laceleaf maples were donated from people in the community and while we are not sure that this was the case, you can see other spectacular laceleaf maples in the yards of beautiful homes along the road leading to the garden.

A Tree for all Seasons

Each and every season brings about change and rebirth inside the garden and the tree is no exception. It is spectacular all year round and an incredible photographic subject any time of the year.

White Lightning - Winter - Aaron Reed Photography

White Lightning – Winter – Aaron Reed Photography

Green Dragon - Spring - Aaron Reed Photography

Green Dragon – Spring – Aaron Reed Photography

Believe In Magic - Fall - Aaron Reed Photography

Believe In Magic – Fall – Aaron Reed Photography

The Peter Lik Effect

World renowned, Australian born photographer Peter Lik has captured numerous images of this tree throughout the years including pieces titled “Tree of Life” “Tree of Zen” and “Inner Peace”. With galleries around the world combined with the natural beauty of the tree itself, it is no wonder that almost every time I share a photograph of the tree someone says “It’s the Peter Lik Tree” or, “I have loved this tree ever since I saw Peter Lik’s version of it…and yours is as good or better!” I guess it just goes to show how the success of an image can follow you and in some ways become a part of who you are as a photographer.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and spent the majority of my life there. In 2008, when I picked up my first camera, I began looking for places inside the city that I could photograph and stumbled across an out of focus, dreamy interpretation of this tree by a fellow photographer named Zeb Andrews. I had never heard of Peter Lik at this time and Zeb’s image was the only one I had ever seen before visiting the garden myself in the fall of that year. I have returned every year since then, capturing the tree in all four seasons.

In early 2013 I began offering a portion of my work as limited edition pieces, including the majority of my photographs of this beautiful tree. Since then I have sold hundreds of pieces from this collection, with the majority of them being large format prints on high gloss ChromaLuxe aluminum sheeting. Living Lightning, released in February 2013, has currently sold 130 of the 200 pieces in the limited edition. Dragon’s Breath, also a limited edition of 200 was released in November 2013 and has sold the first 40 pieces in just the past 7 months. The success of these images has even caused some to start calling this tree the Aaron Reed tree which I think it equally humorous to calling it Peter Lik’s.

Despite what others may think or how they choose to reference it, this majestic tree is not Peter Lik’s, nor is it mine, nor anyone else. The greatest value of this tree lies in the fact that it is there for everyone to see, to wonder, to experience and to share in a weird little city called Portland. :) For those who may have never been and would like to see the garden during the peak of fall color, the 3rd week in October is a pretty good bet for a time to choose to visit. Don’t hesitate, because this tree can change from green to orange to red and finally drop its leaves all in the course of a week. If you do visit, I hope you enjoy the tree and the rest of the garden as much as I have and will continue to, year after year.

If you are interested in purchasing pieces from my Limited Edition collection, including all of my captures of this tree including “Dragon’s Breath”, “Living Lightning”, “The Green Dragon”, “White Lightning”, “Believe In Magic” and my newest addition “Firebird”, please visit my website at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com or simply send me a message below:

Living Lightning - Aaron Reed Photography

Living Lightning – Aaron Reed Photography

Aaron Reed Photography Artist Proof & First Prints

Beginning today, I have officially started releasing Artist Proof’s (AP) and First Printings (FP) of select pieces from my Limited Edition Collection. Before today, these were only offered to priority clients who purchased multiple pieces from my collection. Limited selections have now been opened to the public and are available through my website.

About Artist Proof’s – AP

In addition to my Limited Edition pieces that are held to 50, 100 or 200 total pieces depending on the specific piece, I also offer 1 Artist Proof (AP) of each piece. All Artist Proofs are printed at 30″ x 45″ on High Gloss Hi Def ChromaLuxe with Museum Grade backing and are ready to hang with no framing required. Each of these Artist Proofs are signed and numbered with A/P #1 of 1. Only 1 Artist Proof of each image will ever be printed, increasing their value and rarity. Each of these pieces is an investment and will increase in value at a higher rate than pieces from the body of the collection itself. Each Artist Proof requires an investment of $2500.

First Printing – FP

When I designate one of my pieces as a Limited Edition piece, I choose the total number of prints to be offered in the collection. I withhold the First Printing (FP) of each piece in the collection to keep for myself, or to be offered as the very last print sold of that Limited Edition. The First Printings are also printed on High Gloss Hi Def ChromaLuxe Metal sheeting at 30″ x 45″ with Museum Grade backing and are ready to hang. These pieces are signed 1/50, 1/100 or 1/200 depending on the piece. Hand selected pieces are chosen based on overall popularity and can now be purchased in advance of the selection selling out. As with Artist Proofs, First Printing’s also carry a higher value and will increase in value at a faster rate than pieces from the body of the collection itself. First Printing pieces require an investment of $2000 for each piece.

To be sure that your selected piece is available, please contact me directly to receive an invoice for purchase. Artist Proofs and First Printings can both be personalized, making these an incredible opportunity to purchase as a gift for a loved one or business partner.

More of my work, including my entire Limited Edition collection can be seen at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com

UPDATE 5/22/14 The Artist Proof’s for The Sea Serpent, Kings and The Prowling Panther all sold today and are no longer available.

AP and Firsts 1500 UPDATED

Limited Edition Hi-Def ChromaLuxe Metal Prints by Aaron Reed

Limited Edition Fine Art Luxury Nature Photography ChromaLuxe Hi-Def Metal Prints by Aaron Reed

High Definition, high gloss Metal Prints produced with Industry leading ChromaLuxe products are my preferred method of displaying the vast majority of my work. Metal prints are a brand new and exciting way to produce high quality photographic prints that are unsurpassed in beauty, depth, detail & durability. Metal prints using ChromaLuxe panels are scratch resistant, waterproof, will not yellow or fade over time. Two independent and highly respected research and testing laboratories have conducted environmental life tests on ChromaLuxe Photo Panels and have concluded that ChromaLuxe Hi_Def Metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the market.

The UV resistant coating is bonded to .045” aluminum sheeting that in turn is used to create a fine art piece using a process called Sublimation. A digital image is printed onto a special transfer paper and then using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the surface of the aluminum sheet at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes the sublimation inks to “transfer” from the paper directly into the poly-based coating. The print is not ON the surface of the aluminum but fused INTO the surface of the piece.

The vibrancy and dimensionality of ChromaLuxe products rivals any photographic product and exceeds the quality of traditional paper prints when placed behind inherently imperfect glass. My limited edition prints created with this product and process are simply second to none.

I offer all of my prints, including my Limited Edition collection in three sizes (36 x 24, 45 x 30 & 60 x 40) All three sizes come supported with various types of professional backing materials that create a ready to hang piece that does not require framing of any kind.

If you would like to learn more about ChromaLuxe products and their incredible durability, check out this video below. To see all of my available Limited Edition Fine Art prints using this incredible printing process please visit my website at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com

Limited Edition Hi-Def ChromaLuxe Metal Prints by Aaron Reed

The Rise – Image Of The Week 20% Sold Out – Aaron Reed Photography

The Rise

This week my image of the week is another limited edition piece from my collection titled “The Rise of Mt. Shuksan”. This piece is a limited edition of 200 and is over 20% SOLD OUT. If you are interested in purchasing one of my limited edition pieces please visit my website at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com

From Wiki:

Mount Shuksan is a glaciated massif in the North Cascades National Park. Shuksan rises in Whatcom County, Washington immediately to the east of Mount Baker, and 11.6 miles (18.7 km) south of the Canadian border. The mountain’s name Shuksan is derived from the Lummi word [šéqsən], said to mean “high peak”. The highest point on the mountain is a three sided peak known as Summit Pyramid. There are two named subsidiary peaks: Nooksack Tower and The Hourglass.

The mountain is composed of Shuksan greenschist, oceanic basalt that was metamorphosed when the Easton terrane collided with the west coast of North America, approximately 120 million years ago. The mountain is an eroded remnant of a thrust plate formed by the Easton collision.
West side view of Mount Shuksan in summer as seen from Artist Point

Shuksan is one of the most photographed mountains in the Cascade Range. Photographs with its reflection in Highwood Lake near Mount Baker Ski Area are particularly common. The Mount Baker Highway, State Route 542, is kept open during the winter to support the ski area; in late summer, the road to Artist Point allows visitors to travel a few miles higher for a closer view of the peak.

Echoes Of Fall – Brand New Image Release – Limited Edition of 100

Echoes Of Fall – Brand New Image Release – Limited Edition of 100 – Aaron Reed Photography

Echos Of Fall medium

This weeks image of the week is a brand new release titled “Echoes Of Fall” a limited edition piece limited to just 100 total prints. This image of a beautiful grove of Aspen trees and underlying fall foliage was captured on a quiet foggy morning in October 2013. The contrast between the stark white trunks and the reds and oranges of autumn make for a wonderful combination. If you are interested in purchasing a piece from this collection or any of my limited edition pieces please visit my website at http://www.aaronreedphotography.com

Eternal Beauty – Image of the Week – Limited Edition of 50 – 25% SOLD OUT

Eternal Beauty – Image of the Week – Limited Edition of 50 – 25% SOLD OUT

Aaron Reed Photography – http://www.aaronreedphotography.com/

Eternal Beauty

This week’s Image Of The Week is a Limited Edition piece titled ETERNAL BEAUTY. This image captured from the upper portion of Rainier National Park is limited to just 50 pieces. The first 12 have already sold and this is one I expect to sell out quickly. This image showcases the beauty and wonder of Rainier National Park during the summer months when wildflowers blanket the hills & valleys of the park. Low lying fog in the valley and nice soft light from the rising sun make for an incredible scene. This piece is sure to brighten up any home or office and with the larger Metal prints that I offer, the clarity & detail of this piece allow you to feel like you are there.

Because of the edition of just 50 total pieces available, the price of this piece will increase at a sharper rate as the edition sells. If you are interested in owning this piece for yourself, it would be wise to purchase it soon before the price goes up. This piece, as well as my entire collection of limited edition prints can be found on my website linked above or by clicking the graphic to the right.

From NPS: http://www.nps.gov/mora/index.htm

Ascending to 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier stands as an icon in the Washington landscape. An active volcano, Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous U.S.A., spawning six major rivers. Subalpine wildflower meadows ring the icy volcano while ancient forest cloaks Mount Rainier’s lower slopes. Wildlife abounds in the park’s ecosystems. A lifetime of discovery awaits.